Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pickled-To Preserve or Flavor

For the months of September and October we had a piece entitled "Pickled- To preserve or flavor" by Jason Chakravarty. Based in Illinois and Southern California, Jason Chakravarty creates mixed-media objects that explore questions of identity. Illumination is a key component of his work, most commonly in the form of neon, which for Chakravarty is the epitome of Americana. Materials such as glass, wood, metal, and found objects layer his work with narratives tracing the overlap between social, political, cultural, and personal identity. Straightforward imagery is collaged to create a recognizable vocabulary for investigating the search for individual identity among the perpetually proliferating brand-functions in the contemporary cultural landscape. An extended installation of this piece and other work by Jason can be seen at

Monday, February 22, 2010

Banana Jungle

Michael Hernandez graced the transom with his Banana Jungle madness for August. A seasoned glassblower he has been foraying into neon, installation, and video work during his graduate studies at Alfred University. Prior to Alfred he was a resident at Appalachian Center for Craft in Tennessee for two years.

Whisk It!

Our first neon exhibition was by the notable English glass artist Joanna Manousis. Within this giant double walled suck bowl were two solid sculpted clear eggs and one fabulous neon whisk. She is a recent recipient of the Frable Award and MFA candidate of Alfred University in May 2010. The addition of neon to our store front was a great success. From the first night this was up it was receiving much attention. More of her work can be seen at joannamanousis.com

Hudson Beach Glass Phila Transom

This transom needs your creative touch! I rotate a new piece in this space every first Friday of the month. This will be in conjunction with a visiting hot shop artist, new wall work in the gallery, outdoor video series presentations during the summer, and other First Friday events around Center City.

A Bit About the gallery:
Hudson Beach Glass Phila the only hot shop/retail gallery space in Center City Philadelphia. The goal is to promote glass art and other media in a gallery setting. Located in the heart of the historic district, our shop attracts tourists and locals. The Hudson Beach Glass building is on a side street that opens to a major shopping through-fare. Your neon installation will help draw attention to the site and be viewed by numerous people visiting the historic sites, nightclubs, and delicious restaurants. If I have asked you to show it is because I know you make quality work. I am looking for work with a contemporary edge, but please remember that this is a public space. There are 12 slots for 12 months.

The Space:
The viewable window opening space is 64” x 17 1/4”. The edge of the aluminum molding is 5 1/2” from the top of the open window space. Your piece will have to be mounted or hung above this into the drywall. You supply the appropriate hardware for installation I have a transformer if you need one. Your artist statement will be posted near the entry. Any other specific installation questions just contact me.