Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dale Inglett

August 09 we had a screening of one of Dale Inglett's videos. the wonderfully watery shifting shadow image of the swimmer was a beautiful compliment to the theme of much of the work inside the gallery. Dale Inglett lives and works in Alfred, NY. His work in painting, video and printmaking explores notions of self and the temporal nature of existence. More of his work can be seen at

The Building

Last summer we showed the videos to the right of the building on a screen hung on the fence. We'd like to show it on the building, but we need to make sure we are not setting up a giant kite. If we are unable to affix the screen in some way without upsetting the powers that be we will show the videos to the right again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mark Naylor sprung into our window for the month of May. Crazy curvaceous coils on springs. It's 3 looney tunes. Mark is currently completing graduate school toward a doctorate in glass science at Alfred University. His MS thesis involved research on full spectrum photosensitive glass-ceramics. His PhD thesis investigates viscous glass sealants for hydrogen powered electricity generation. Mark’s artwork will continue to explore motion and incorporate engineered ceramic and glass materials. And can yo believe he fit this in between it all? He did share with me that there was one night nap in the neon studio...whoops

The Hot Crack

Don Bruschi a sculptor and light artist framed our transom for the month of April. He is from the Hudson Valley, New York region. He creates and shows his own work while teaching art to young minds. More about hime and his work can be seen at

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Body Adorned

Invitational- June Spotlight on Art Jewelry

For the month of June (the wedding month) we, at Hudson Beach Glass Phila, would like to spotlight some of the more creative, fanciful, avant guarde, and group arrangements of our jewelers. The cutorial statement is below along with the important dates. Your work will be displayed in cases and hung on the walls for the month of June. All unsold pieces will be returned at the end of the month. Please confirm via phone or email your participation and approximate number and types of work. Thank you for your participation.

Jewelry is as diverse as the people who wear it. It represents commitment, memory, and our own sense of style. It’s the charm necklace that contains her grandfathers’ dog tags. The cuff links he wears to set off his suit at the wedding. The jangling announcement each footfall makes from her anklet. Colorful barrettes that are the finishing touch to our latest style. Jewelry affects our lives whether we are paying homage to a loved one or defining ourselves. A subtle addition or a bold placement their significance defines our identity and it’s many facets. Because jewelry means nothing without the person it adorns.

Exhibition Date- June 2010
Delivery of Work- May 30th , 31st , or June 1st
Opening Reception- Friday June 4th 5:30-9:30pm

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spotlight on Emerging Glass Artists

As glass as an art medium grows, the number of artisans does as well. Here at Hudson Beach Glass Philadelphia, we would like to spotlight these young talents and offer them an opportunity to demonstrate and present their work. Every Tuesday for the months of July and August we will be offering a 4 hour hot shop slot, (5:30 pm – 9:30pm), for these artisans to create their work and explain their process to the viewing public.

This is in conjunction with our “Stem vs. Stemless” wine glass event. This is a "very serious" unscientific experiment. We are having stemmed and stemless glasses made by Masterpiece Crystal in West Virginia. During the evening people will sample a ½ glass of wine in each type of glass. The temperature of the wine will be taken and determination for flavor preference, if any, between the two glasses. At the end the guests will be invited to take home the glass of their preference. While they are sampling the glasses they will watch the visiting glass artist and get to view finished examples of their work.

Tickets to this event are presold, so you are guaranteed an audience, so please be prepared. The first and last hours will be open to the general public, but the 2 hours in between will be for the Stem vs Stemless event participants. This is a professional opportunity to reach beyond your know network. We will provide you a table just outside of the hot shop measuring 6’ x 20” to display well-crafted representations of your work for sale. There is a 50/50 split on all sales. We may wish to keep a piece or two on consignment if we feel we can sell it (with your permission of course).

This is an invitational only event for recent graduates or non-student artists. If you know of others that may be interested in this opportunity please forward this information and have them send 5 images of their work and potential slot preference to We are looking for high quality well thought out work.

The dates are as follows:
July 6th-Emma Salamon
July 13th-Nikolaj Christensen
July 20th-Daniel White
July 27th-Annie Shepard
August 3rd-Skitch Manion
August 10th-Drew Smith
August 17th-Kathleen Anderson
August 24th-Alex Lozier

Thanks for your interest and participation

Jenna Efrein

Hudson Beach Glass Philadelphia-Manager