Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So this year, August 2010, with more advanced notice, I'd like this show to be bigger and better. I want the gallery to runith over with goblets galore answering these deep and probing questions...

The goblet is a classical form made and augmented though the ages. Its significance has usually been to imply the regal standing of the owner. But what is the contemporary purpose of these ancient objects? Who are they for? In what ceremony are they participating? What is their place in everyday society? These are just some of the questions that our group of artists has attempted to answer. Some are more serious, while others turn this ancient artifact on its cup.

I'm definitely not looking for the traditional interpretation. I'm looking for the you. Let's show Phiadelphia your flare and dare them to drink from your cup.

If I have not already spoken to you please send images of your work to: jefrein@hudsonbeachglass.com
I am accepting submissions immediately. Please include with your submission:
1) a short bio
2) wholesale cost
3) contact info
4) if you email me a high res image I will try to include you on the card
5 )title of piece

The important dates are as follows:
1) Above info July 16th
2) Your goblet no later than Tue Aug 1st sooner most appreciated
3) Show opens Aug 6th for First Friday 5:30 -9:30 and ends September 30th
Any questions or comments email or call 267 319 1887

Ship to:
Hudson Beach Glass Phila
Goblet Show
26 S Strawberry St
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Monday, June 21, 2010


So in August 2009 we had our first annual Goblet Show. In a whirl wind month I put this show together.

Sean Gilvey (owner-window display)

The Details

Angus Powers

Zac Weinberg

Alana DeRocchi


Cydney Ferguson-Brey

David King

Joesph Cam

John Gilvey

Kala Stein

Lorin Silverman

Luke Gilvey

Seth Fairweather

Timothy Rogers

Andrea Abramoff

Look in Call for Entries category for 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Body Adorned

The show came out beautifully. Thank you all who participated. We're so pleased we are going to repeat this for December, so plan your pieces now. Below are some overview pictures of the show and details. I made the displays in the shape of mirrors as they are what we look into for placement and jewelry is a reflection of ourselves. I plan on adding more for December.

Abigail Seilghson

Connie Verrusio

Fig n Ginger

Jenny Gaynor

Joyce Roessler

Lucy Bergamini- Vitriesse

Greg of Mar of Santa Barbara

Penelope Rakow- Spot on Designs

Serena Kojimoto

Susan Rifkin

Sydney Cash

Julie Burton and Jess Panza- Verre New York

And in the entrance along with the curator statement were images of the body by Danielle Tortoura.