Friday, July 16, 2010

334,000 Lumens EGAD!

What is that brightness?, you ask

What could it be....

I'm blinded!

Ah 2 pairs of sunglasses later and I can se all. Evan Jespersen has once again out shined himself. I'm afraid to ask, but can it get any brighter?

Evan Jespersen was born in northeastern Massachusetts. He obtained his BFA from Alfred University in 2006. He took the position of Head Preparator at The Fosdick Nelson Gallery after graduating. In the spring and fall of 2008 he had the pleasure of being a faculty member at Alfred University in the department of Sculpture and Dimensional Studies. He has shown at many outdoor light shows including The Museum of Luminous Phenomenon, Binghamton’s First Night celebration, and The Corning Museum of Glass. His work is in private collections and on permanent display at Alfred University. He also has work in the permanent collection of The Museum of Luminous Phenomenon. His current studio is in northeastern Massachusetts near were he grew up.

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