Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slither Squirm and Twirl

Eve Hoyt wormed her way through our window in June. She is local to the Philadelphia area. I'll let her explain herself.
"The motivation behind my work comes largely from my desire to make something with my hands, from concept to tangible form, while exploring the many possibilities of working with neon glass. My neon art is a mixture of traditional glass bending, lampworking techniques, and experimentation. I find the delicate nature of glass makes it an exciting material to work with, and I enjoy the spontaneous creative process. Although some pieces do have a personal meaning behind them, many exist simply out of the sheer joy I get from creating them. Working with neon, I feel fortunate to have a skill that is becoming a lost art. I take great pride in my abilities as a neon craftsperson and want to share with others the diversity of this old and interesting art form."
More of her work can be seen at

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